Our Work

Research-into-Action Labs

The three ECA research labs conduct in-depth research, as well as design, and implement projects with researchers in relevant fields to facilitate the advancement of HTHT education across a wide range of disciplines.

K-Edu Lab


Study and suggest action plans for the spread of Korean education, which has been remarkably noticed by COVID-19, with a particular focus on providing consultation and conducting research to grant optimal educational opportunities for the underprivileged students through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

University Innovation Lab


Conduct research and projects to achieve university innovation through the realization of student-specific learning using artificial intelligence (AI) at the site of higher education, with a particular focus on providing consultation to HTHT Consortium member universities to efficiently utilize artificial intelligence and address inequality in university education.

Global Innovative Education Lab


Collaborate with diverse international and private organizations on research projects that promote HTHT education globally, based on the experience and expertise of HTHT education in Korea.

Lab News

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