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Our “Research-into-Action” projects focus on ensuring better educational opportunities for all by expanding High Touch High Tech (HTHT) education’s reach in Korea, Asia, and globally.


High Touch High Tech: Teachers and Artificial Intelligence building an enhanced response to COVID emergency by fostering knowledge and skills

Uruguay is the leading country in digital learning in Latin America with its active utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) in education. Placing a high priority on cultivating 21st century skills for all, HTHT Uruguay project aims to introduce innovative and interactive instructional models that harmoniously combined with high-tech adaptive learning systems in Mathematics and Computational Thinking. Education Commission Asia completed a consulting contract with Ceibal, an agency supporting digital learning of Uruguay under the direct control of the President, in December 2020. We provide professional consulting to 100 teachers and 2,500 fifth-grade students from 30 public schools to realize HTHT in Mathematics and Computational Thinking for the next 22 months and lead the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of consultancy.

Project Partner

Education Commission Asia will implement the HTHT Uruguay project jointly with Plan CEIBAL in Uruguay whose mission is to integrate technology into education for greater innovation and inclusion. The consultants who participate in the project include consultants from Arizona State University, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Konkuk University, and Chungnam National University. The HTHT Uruguay project is funded by the Korea Trust Fund at the Inter-American Development Bank.


Project News

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