Our Work


Our “Research-into-Action” projects focus on ensuring better educational opportunities for all by expanding High Touch High Tech (HTHT) education’s reach in Korea, Asia, and globally.


HTHT for the Underprivileged

Underprivileged students are in dire need of human connection with teachers, including care, attention, and mentoring, as well as personalized learning, necessitated by their often relatively lower achievement levels and difficulty in keeping pace with other students. This research-based practical project aims to provide optimal learning opportunities for every marginalized youth through a harmoniously-balanced combination of AI-based edtech and human connection with teachers.

Project Partner

Education Commission Asia plans to develop partnerships with various public and private organizations that support underprivileged students, including low-income students, multicultural students, and North Korean defectors. Extensive collaboration will also be sought with social contribution or corporate social responsibility (CSR) teams of edtech companies, as well as education offices and local government support programs.


Project News

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