Education Commission Asia (Ju Ho Lee, Chairperson), Korea Peace Foundation (Seok Hyun Hong, Chairperson), and Heavenly Dream Middle and High School (Hyang Ja Lim, Principal) made a partnership agreement on October 27, 2020 in the presence of representatives of the institutions.

This agreement provides support on designing and implementing the AI-assisted adaptive learning system for North Korean adolescent defectors at Heavenly Dream Middle and High School for one year. Students who are receiving support are 16 middle school students and 56 high school students.

This project was implemented to resolve the lack of basic academic skills among North Korean defector students, and therefore AI-assisted adaptive learning support was in need to heighten their basic academic skills.

Heavenly Dream School newly established an 8th period for the “AI-assisted adaptive learning class” and with individually distributed AI-assisted adaptive learning platform tablet PCs, they study core subjects including Korean, English, and math. The teachers at Heavenly Dream School help students as they progress through the curriculum and act as mentors that motivate them.

Following the partnership agreement ceremony, members communicated with teachers participating in the AI-assisted adaptive learning classes about their opinions on the class and improvements that can be made.

Chairperson Ju Ho Lee made sure there were no issues regarding classes and encouraged students and teachers. He also emphasized the importance of resolving knowledge gap between students.

Education Commission Asia is moving forward to cooperate with Heavenly Dream School to construct and implement a well-structured AI-assisted adaptive learning system at the school.