Education Commission Asia held the [Inauguration Ceremony and Seminar for the Realization of AI-Assisted Adaptive Learning Consortium(HTHT Consortium)] on Monday, August 3. This event was scheduled into two parts: the HTHT Consortium inauguration ceremony with representatives from participating institutions and a seminar for participants who are interested in AI-assisted education.

[Part 1 HTHT Consortium Inauguration Ceremony]

The inauguration ceremony augmented with ECA Chairperson Ju Ho Lee’s opening speech and congratulatory speeches by Lee Inwon, CEO of University News Network and Kilho Lee, CEO of Edutech Korea.


Representatives from 11 participating institutions including Dongguk University, Sejong University, Ajou Univerisity, Handong Global University, Hallym University, Hansung University, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Seoul Cyber University, Yeungjin University, Ulsan College, and Induk University and Education Commission Asia signed their partnership agreement.

[Part 2 Seminar]

Special Lecture: AI-Powered Adaptive Learning Success Story]

Dale P. Johnson, director of digital innovation for the University Design Institute at Arizona State University, gave a presentation on [AI-Assisted Adaptive Learning Success Story].


The special lecture ended with a Q&A session with presidents from participating institutions.


Presentation: AI-Powered Education (HTHT) Material Development Research

Jongho Shin, professor at Ajou Univeristy, gave a presentation on ‘AI-Assisted Education(HTHT) Material Development Research’. He introduced his research team’s work on the manual for AI-assisted adaptive courseware and had a Q&A session with working groups from various institutions.

The consortium for AI-Assisted Adaptive Learning Realization that began with 11 leading educational institutions of Korea will expand its influence and will not cease put effort on the innovation Korean higher education.