Education Commission Asia held the “HTHT Consortium Partnership Agreement Ceremony” in Eunbong Hall at Induk University on November 26, 2020. Presidents and executive members from nine universities that are newly part of the HTHT consortium attended the event.

Opening Speech and Congratulatory Speech

The event augmented with opening speech of Chairperson Ju Ho Lee, Chairperson of ECA, and congratulatory speeches of President Yoon Yeosong of Induk University and Publisher Yongseop Choi University Newspaper Network.

Chairperson Ju Ho Lee set forth the importance of AI- based education, presented case studies of grafting AI onto education and his aspirations on the innovation in higher education that AI-based education will bring forth.

Moonsang Kang, manager of Higher Vocational Research Institute gave a presentation on ‘AI-assisted Adaptive Learning’. He emphasized the immense effectiveness of this learning system on improvements on basic academic skills including Korean, English, and math.

Towards the end of the event, Education Commission Asia and nine university colleges including Donggang University, Donyang Mirae University, Sahmyook University, Seojeong University, Ansan University, Yong-in Songdam College, Inha Technical College, Choonhae College of Health and Sciences, and Hanyang Women’s University signed partnership agreements altogether.