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We conduct ‘Research-into-Action’ for High Touch High Tech education to spread globally starting from Korea and Asia to provide better educational opportunities for all.

Consortium Overview

The University Consortium aims to support and collaborate with higher education institutions that wish to implement the High Touch High Tech (HTHT) educational approach on site. Education Commission Asia develops manuals and provides training and consultancy on the application of ITS(Intelligent Tutoring System) for various subjects and overall restructuring of the curriculum for professors of member institutions.


  • Proposal of higher education innovation through pilot realization of the AI-assisted adaptive learning
  • Early expansion of the adaptive learning model that accommodates the rapid change in the educational environment

What We Do

  • Development and distribution of materials for utilization of the AI-assisted adaptive learning program
  • Research on harnessing AI for improvement in basic knowledge skills
  • Publicizing consortium member institutions
  • Negotiation on the price and service conditions with supplying companies of AI-assisted learning programs
  • Provision of training and seminar for faculty of institutions
  • Provision of consultancy for an effective realization of HTHT education
  • Arrangement and provision of recommendations for motivating the faculty

Consortium Members

The University Consortium has been expanded to 9 universities, 14 university/colleges, and 2 graduate schools after launching on 3 August, 2020.

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[HTHT 대학 컨소시엄] - HTHT 컨소시엄 개요 및 참가방법

2020-08-21 16:44

인공지능(AI) 활용 학생맞춤형 교육실현 HTHT 컨소시엄의 개요입니다.

첨부된 파일에서 HTHT 컨소시엄의 개요, 참가방법 등 자세하게 보실 수 있습니다.


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