About Us



Board of Directors

Ju Ho LEE Chairperson and CEO

Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Commissioner, International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity
Former) Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

Doh-Yeon KIM Commissioner

Chairperson, Ulsan Industrial Education Foundation
Former) President, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Former) Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

Tae Wan KIM Commissioner

Director of HTHT Education Committee
President, Korean Institue for Future Education
Former) President, Korean Educational Development Institute

Kilho LEE Commissioner

Director of Edutech Ecosystem Committee
CEO, Time Education
President, Korea Edutech Industry Association

Seung Hwan LEE Commissioner

Director of Primary and Secondary Education Innovation Committee
Chief Director, SEED CO-OP
Former) Chief of the Founding Committee, University Student Donation for Education

Jae Wook KIM Auditor

CEO, Yeolmae Company
Former) KPMG SIA

Soo In JUNG Auditor

Attorney, S&L Partners
Former) Director, Korea Work Life Balance Foundation
Former) Director, Work and Family

Advisory Committee

Baela JAMIL Commissioner

Commissioner, International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity
CEO, Idara-e Taleemo-o

Koo Hyeon JUNG Commissioner

CEO, J Campus
Former) President, The Seoul Forum for International Affairs
Former) President, Samsung Economic Research Institute

Elizabeth KING Commissioner

Brookings Institute Senior Fellow
Former) Director of Education &
Acting Vice President, World Bank

Gwang-Jae LEE Commissioner

21st Member of the National Assembly
Former) Chief Director, Future Consensus Institute
Former) 35th Governor of Gangwon-do

Heesuk YUN Commissioner

21st Member of the National Assembly
Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Former) Advisor, National Economic Advisory Council

Kark Bum LEE Commissioner

Professor, Department of Technology Management, KAIST
Ph.D. in Sociology, Bielefeld University

Hye Ri BAEK Advisor

Director of Digital Communication
Communication Director, SEED CO-OP
Former) Communication Specialist, Compassion Korea

Sang Mok CHOI Advisor

President, Agricultural Cooperative University
Former) 1st Vice Minister of Economy and Finance
Former) Secretary to the President for Economic and Financial Affairs

SeYeoung CHUN Advisor

Professor, Chungnam National University
Former) President, Smart Education Society
Former) President, Korea Education and Research Information Service

Jin Ho HAM Advisor

Research fellow, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Board member, Chairperson of Steering Committee, Director, Platform of Scientists, Entrepreneurs and People
CEO, Friesty

Dae Joon HWANG Advisor

Emeritus Professor, College of Computing, Sungkyunkwan University
Professor, Nanyang Institute of Technology
Former) Secretary General, Korea Council for University Education
Former) Governing Board Member, UNESCO IITE (Institute for Information Technology in Education)

Chang-beom KIM Advisor

Advisor, Center for Strategic and Cultural Studies, Korea
Former) Korean Ambassador, European Union
Former) Korean Ambassador, Indonesia

Jin-Hyung KIM Advisor

Chair Professor, College of Software, Chung-Ang University
Former) Emeritus Professor, School of Computing, KAIST
Former) Director of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI)

Chul Ju KIM Advisor

Visiting Research Fellow, Graduate School of Public Administration, SNU
Former) Deputy Dean, ADBI
Former) Presidential Secretary for Economy and Finance 

Chul Kyun KIM‎ Advisor

President, Dosan Academy
Former) President, Korea Education and Research Information Service
Former) Presidential Secretary for New Media at the Blue House

Eung Gweon KIM Advisor

President, Halla University
Former) The 1st Vice Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
Former) President, Woosuk University

Sung Yeol KIM Advisor

President, The Korean Educational Research Association
Former) Vice President, Kyungnam University
Former) President, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation

Namgi PARK Advisor

Chairman, The Korean Educational Administration Society
Former) President, Gwangju National University of Education
Former) Chairman, The Journal of Law of Education

Taeje SEONG Advisor

Former) Professor, Ewha University
Former) President, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
Former) Secretary General, Korean Council for University Education

Jae Hyang SO Advisor

Global Center on Adaptation, Strategy & Partnerships
Former) World Bank Senior Advisor, Director

Research-into-Action Labs

Jongho SHIN

President of Learning Revolution Lab
Professor, Ajou University
Ph.D. in Educational Technology, Hanyang University, Korea 

Sung Jae PARK

President of University Innovation Lab
Research Fellow, Korean Educational Development Institute
Former) Assistant Secretary to the President for Education at the Blue House
Ph.D. in Law, Korea University

Tae Yong JUNG

President of Global Innovative Education Lab
Director of Global Partnership, Education Commission Asia
Professor, Yonsei University

Booyuel KIM

Narrowing the Achievement Gap Lab
Professor, Seoul National University
Former) Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Ph.D. in Sustainable Development, Columbia University

Chang-gil KIM

Vice President of Global Innovative Education Lab
Invited Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Seoul National University
Executive Member, Technical Advisory Committee Food and Fertilizer Technology Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Former) President, Korea Rural Economic Institute

So Yoon AHN Senior Research Fellow

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Former) Research Assistant, Pierre-André Chiappori and Bernard Salanié
Former) Intern, Korean Women’s Development Institute

Myung Ho CHA Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Graduate School of Counseling, Pyeongtaek University
Ph.D. in Counseling, George Washington University

Kyung Won CHANG Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Kyonggi University
Ph.D. in Educational Technology, Seoul National University

Yoon Hee HA Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Graduate School of Energy and Environment of Korea University
Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware

Youjin HAHN Senior Research Fellow

Associate Professor, School of Economics, Yonsei Unviersity
Former) Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Yonsei University
Lecturer (tenured), Dept. of Economics, Monash University, Australia

Moonsang KANG Senior Research Fellow

Manager, Higher Vocational Research Institute,
Korean Council For College University Education
Former) Director of Induk University’s Educational Innovation Institute

Sung Jin KANG Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Department of Economics, Korea University
President, Institute of Sustainable Development, Korea University
Handling editor, Singapore Economic Review

Dongseok KIM Senior Research Fellow

Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Vice President, Korea Development Institute
Ph.D in Economics, Stanford University

Hee Jin KIM Senior Research Fellow

Researcher, Cambridge University
Former) Consultant, World Bank and OECD
Ph.D. in Education, The University of Cambridge

MinKi KIM Senior Research Fellow

<spanProfessor, College of Business, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ph.D. in Economics, The University of Chicago

Jooyoung KWAK Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Department of Economic, Yonsei University
Consultant, World Bank
Research Fellow, Institute for Global Engagement and Empowerment

Boram LEE Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Department of Family Welfare, Daegu University
Ph.D. in Child Development & Family Studies, Seoul National University

Sung Ho LEE Senior Research Fellow

CEO, Inno D-Lab
Former) Fellow, Korea Development Institute
Ph.D. in Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Woo-Kyun LEE Senior Research Fellow

Professor, Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University
Director, OJeong REsilience Institute, Korea University
Director of Institute for Climate Change Action

Tae In PARK Senior Research Fellow

Academic-Industrial Cooperation Professor, Medical Big Data Research Center at Seoul National University College of Medicine
Former) Research Professor, Yonsei University
Former) Chair, Study Group on Collaborative and Deliberative Governance, Asian Association for Public Administration

Semee YOON Senior Research Fellow

Assistant Professor, Underwood International College, Yonsei University
Ph.D, in Sustainable Development, Columbia University



Former) Global Marketing Manager, Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul Headquarters
Master of Higher Education and Student Development, Wheaton College, USA

Hyokong NAM Global Project Lead

Former) Instructional Designer, MIT Sloan School of Management
Masters, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Sukhyun KIM Domestic Project Lead

Former)Researcher, GEC, Pyeongtaek University
Former)Researcher, CTL, Kyonggi University
M.A. in Education, Sookmyung Women’s University

Nam Hang KIM Manager

Former) Korean Educaional Development Institute, Researcher
Former) Korean Council for University Education, Researcher
Vanderbilt University Peabody College
Dept. of Leadership, Policy & Organization,
Higher Education Administration

Museok SONG Manager

Former) Assistant Manager, Sungshin Women’s University
Former) Assistant Researcher, Administration office of CORE (Sungkyunkwan University)
Former) Consultant, KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp
Master of Modern Culture, Sungkyunkwan University

Min Kyeong Jeong Manager

Former) Intern, Chosun Media
Former) Intern, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
Master’s student in Global Affairs and Policy, Yonsei University

Jung Hyun CHO Manager

Former) Intern, Taewon Tax Management Corporation
Former) Assistant Manager, Kumkang Total Defense Inc.

Yoo Jeung NAM Consultant

Former) Consultant, World Bank
Ph.D. Candidate of Education Policy, Columbia University

Ye Rin Lim Consultant

Former) Head Teacher, Rainbow Hill Center for Multicultural Family
Former) Intern, Resto du Coeur
Master’s student, Sciences Po Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris

Learning Revolution Forum

Hoon CHO

President of Learning Revolution Forum
Director of International Cooperation, Seojeong University
MBA, The University of Chicago (Booth School of Business)

Dae Kil CHA Steering Committee Member

Senior Research Engineer, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity
Former) Senior Research Engineer, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Ki Sung CHO Steering Committee Member

President of Smart Education Society
Teacher at Gyeseong Elementary School
Former) Digital Textbook Deliberative Council Member

Jinyoung CHOI Steering Committee Member

CEO, SM Institute
Auditor, Open Cyber University
Former) CEO, Jongro Sky Education

Hyun Ho CHUNG Steering Committee Member

CEO, Intopia
Chief Director, Korea Youth Policy Academy
Advisory Committee Member, National Assembly Future Institute  

Hun JUNG Steering Committee Member

CEO, Learning Spark
Former) Co-Founder, Eduniety Lab
Former) Edtech Invigoration TF, Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sung Yoon JUNG Steering Committee Member

Principal of Daegu Joongang Middle School
Google Education Group Gyeongbuk Leader
Advisor at National Education Training Institute, Ministry of Education

Hye-Jung LEE Steering Committee Member

Director General, Institute for Education and Innovation
Former) Assistant Research Professor, Center for Teaching and Learning, Seoul National University, Korea
Former) Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Center for Research and Development in Higher Education, Hokkaido University, Japan

Young Suh MIN Steering Committee Member

President, SPARK
Former) Deputy Secretary to the President for Civil Service at the Presidential Office

Seok Kyu NA Steering Committee Member

CEO, Linus Vietnam
Committee Member, Hanyang University, Graduate School of Management of Technology and Innovation

Jae Chan PARK Steering Committee Member

Vice President, Korean Association of Private Secondary School Principals
President, Daegu Association of Private Secondary School Principals
President, Korean Institute for Future Education

Seok Lee SONG Steering Committee Member

Teacher at Seoul High School
Former) Teacher at Hansung Science High School
Former) Member of Seoul Future School Frontier Teacher Co.
Former) Teacher at Sunrin Internet High School

Jong YUN Steering Committee Member

Teacher, Mosan Elementary School
Former) Adjunct Professor, KyungHee University
Ph.D. in Education, KyungHee University

Jae Hyun KIM Administrative Secretary

Educational Innovation Director, Central Christian Academy
Online Teacher Support Group, Ministry of Education
Capacity Development for ICT, KOICA Rwanda 2019

Organizational Chart