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We conduct ‘Research-into-Action’ for High Touch High Tech education to spread globally starting from Korea and Asia to provide better educational opportunities for all.


Project Overview

HTHT Vietnam is the first HTHT prototype project launched in the fall of 2019. While the first phase was designed and implemented by the Education Commission, the second and current phase is jointly led by the Education Commission and ECA. With support from the UK’s Department for International Development, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), and Arizona State University (ASU), the project developed an HTHT 7th grade math course prototype for four schools across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Results from an independent impact evaluation, led by Professor Booyuel Kim and the research team of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, showed that one semester of HTHT intervention increased students’ math scores by 0.436 standard deviations—equivalent to two years of learning. The benefits were also most pronounced for those academically behind. Given the promising results, preparations are currently underway to conduct a feasibility study ahead of a scale-up to 40 schools across Vietnam.

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