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Education Commission Asia (ECA) is the Asia hub of the Education Commission, a global initiative established in 2015 to further progress on Sustainable Development Goal 4 of improving quality, equitable educational opportunities for all. The Education Commission is chaired by the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, and comprised of 26 high-level Commissioners representing diverse disciplines.

In 2019, the Education Commission established the first of its regional hubs, Education Commission Asia (ECA) under the leadership and vision of Ju-Ho Lee, one of the Commission’s 26 commissioners and former Minister of Education, Science, and Technology of the Republic of Korea. Asia is home to many countries, like Korea, that have harnessed the power of education to spur their economic growth and democracy. It is time that Korea takes on a more proactive role in sharing their experiences with other countries—and in igniting and propelling the global learning transformation overall.

Responding to this demand, Education Commission Asia (ECA) seeks to leverage the potential of technology-enhanced personalized learning, and the High Touch High Tech (HTHT) approach in particular, to address the double sided challenge of fostering innovation and diminishing inequities in education. 

Like its name suggests, the High Touch High Tech (HTHT)  learning approach comprises two distinct components. High Tech refers to the adaptive learning technology that tailors instruction to diverse learning levels and needs—allowing students to be stimulated and nurtured as they progress at their own pace. Complementing the High Tech element is the High Touch component provided by teachers. With the inclusion of adaptive learning technology, teachers are afforded the capacity to supply more personalized guidance through software-informed data, as well as time to supervise active, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences that foster higher-order, socio-emotional, and soft skills.