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The 4th Industrial Revolution demands us a novel definition of education and contemplation on what students should learn. Furthermore, COVID-19 has brought about a rapid and profound change in the traditional classroom model. There are serious concerns that if we do not bring fundamental change in education, inequality between students from diverse backgrounds will be aggravated. It is time that we admit the need for a change in the paradigm of education and build a new one together. For the Republic of Korea to achieve an innovative transformation in education, an utmost challenge that is highlighted globally, we need to become leaders and contribute even more to this common purpose.

Education Commission Asia focuses on High Touch High Tech for All and emphasizes the infinite potential of cutting-edge EdTech that can change education. The HTHT approach implements an AI-assisted adaptive learning system that grants teachers more capacity to supply more personalized guidance through software-informed data and to supervise interactive and collaborative learning experiences such as project-based learning. This innovative pedagogical approach will foster higher-order and soft skills along with socio-emotional development in students.

Education Commission Asia promises to become a global platform that supports the establishment, research, and evaluation of High Touch High Tech for All based on precise research. We aim to proceed with big leaps for a brighter future where everyone in the world gets the opportunity for high quality education.

Chairperson Ju-Ho Lee

9 April, 2020