Chairperson Ju Ho Lee of Education Commission Asia and Chairperson Hyun Shik Lee of Rainbow Hill Center for Multicultural Children signed an education partnership agreement on December 23, 2020 at Rainbow Hill Center

This project was implemented to resolve basic knowledge gap of students of multicultural background. To improve their low basic knowledge skills that was due to lack Korean comprehension level and parents from different cultural backgrounds, ECA is planning to carry forward AI-assisted adaptive learning at Rainbow Hill Center and is looking forward to the change in perception towards families of multicultural background and the increase in number of exceeding multicultural students.

Through this agreement, ECA is going to supporting the establishment and implementation of AI-assisted adaptive learning for multicultural students at Rainbow Hill Center for one year for a total of 33 students, including 18 elementary school students and 15 middle school students.

With the AI-assisted adaptive learning platform tablet PCs that are distributed individually, the multicultural students at the Rainbow Hill Center will study core subjects such as math and English and others including social sciences, science, history, and leadership. In addition, university student mentors will help students progress and motivate them through mentoring sessions.