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Background & History


Chaired by the UN Special Envoy for Global Education and former Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (Education Commission) was established in 2015 to mobilize efforts in furthering progress on Sustainable Development Goal 4 of inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. Estimating that 825 million students—roughly half of the young generation today—are expected to reach adulthood without the skills they need to thrive in the labor market and society, the Education Commission was founded on the premise that more deliberate global cooperation is needed to transform the education system to better respond to rapidly changing educational demands.

In 2019, the Education Commission decided to establish an Asia Hub in Seoul. Asia is home to many countries, like Korea, that have harnessed the power of education to spur their economic growth and democracy. It is now time that Asia takes on a leadership role in igniting and propelling the global learning transformation. In response to these demands, the inaugural members of Education Commission Asia established this organization for the purpose of undertaking research and facilitating implementation on educational innovation. Education Commission Asia especially aims to utilize the potential of technology-assisted personalized learning to reduce educational inequities. We believe that sharing these experiences with other parts of the world will also be vitally important.

In April of 2020, Education Commission Asia received approval from the Korean government as a corporation according to the regulations pertaining to the establishment and supervision of nonprofit organizations under the Ministry of Education. Education Commission Asia’s main mission is to contribute to educational advancement by engaging in rigorous research and sharing relevant experiences in educational innovation. Additional activities include hosting academic conferences, training programs, and seminars; consulting and advising; and producing and disseminating publications.

The focus of Education Commission Asia is on providing “High Touch High Tech for All.” The HTHT approach features a personalized educational experience through an AI-assisted adaptive learning system (High Tech) that reduces the burden of teachers, thereby allowing them to focus on individualized, active, and higher-order learning for students (High Touch). Education Commission Asia aims to expand HTHT education throughout Korea and globally.


2019.9.24 Decision to establish an Asian Hub in Seoul by the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (Education Commission)
2019.11.28 Inaugural meeting of Education Commission Asia (total 57 members)
2020.2.12. Opening of Education Commission Asia (Union Center #608)
2020.3.25. Application submitted for the establishment of Education Commission Asia (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education; Lifelong Learning Department)
2020.3.26. Co-hosting of Education Commission Asia – TV Chosun Joint International Forum on “AI E-Learning: Changing the Paradigm of Education” (Keynote speech by former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon)
2020.4.9. Approval of the establishment of Education Commission Asia
2020.4.16 Registration of Education Commission Asia
2020.5.12 Hosting of the first extraordinary general meeting
2020.5.12 Hosting of the Learning Revolution Forum