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Welcome Message from the Chairperson and CEO

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is demanding us to rethink and redefine the fundamental questions of what and how we should be learning. Moreover, the proliferation of COVID-19 has turned the traditional, brick and mortar classroom learning completely upside down. Without foundational changes in the education system, the already wide educational inequities will only be further exacerbated. It is time we all acknowledge that there must be a shift in the educational paradigm. And together, we must collaborate to realize this mandate. Given its unique background and experience, Korea must also contribute far more proactively in leading this learning transformation.

Recognizing the infinite potential of cutting edge edtech to transform education, the focus and mission of Education Commission Asia—since its inception—has been to further “High Touch High Tech for All.” At its core, HTHT education provides students with a personalized learning experience with an AI-assisted adaptive learning technology, responsible for much of the content-driven teaching, and teachers, who are then able to emphasize more of the active, higher-order, and soft skills for students. The former tailors instruction to individual learning levels and needs, allowing students to progress at their own pace; the latter provides students with the human touch component necessary for a holistic learning experience. Education Commission Asia will strive to expand HTHT’s reach in Korea as well as globally.

Education Commission Asia promises to become a global platform that contributes to the development, implementation, and expansion of “High Touch High Tech for All” based on rigorous empirical research. As we embark on taking a leadership role in this global learning transformation, we hope that you will join us, support us, and collaborate with us in this meaningful and profoundly important endeavor—so that quality, equitable, and sustainable education can become a reality for all students.

Thank you for visiting Education Commission Asia.

Ju Ho Lee

2020. 04. 09