New Innovation of Schools (Jae Hyun Kim, Teacher at Jung-Ang Christian Middle School) (2020.11)

Creative Convergence Leadership Education (Kyung Min Do, Director of FEST) (2020.09)

Future Education of the AI Era (Jae Young Chung, Head of Ewha Research Institute of Future Education) (2020.07)

An Outline of AI (Seong Kook Lee, Professor at University of Science and Technology) (2020.06)

AI Education in the Eyes of an Elementary School Teacher (Jun Ki Lee, Teacher at Daejeon Institute of Education Information) (2020.06)

An Edtech Ecosystem Formation Plan for Digital Education Innovation (Jinsook Kim, Director of the Education Division at KERIS) (2020.05)

Uncertainty and Future Education After the Coronavirus Crisis (Sung Jae Park, Research Fellow at KEDI) (2020.05)

Learning Innovation Design(Ju Ho Lee, Professor of KDI School of Public Policy and Management) (2020.04)

Future Education and EduTech_Domestic and International Service Business Case Studies (Yong Hwan Kim, Professor at Korea University) (2020.02)

AI Literacy-Do You Know Nothing (Seung Il Kim, Head of Research at Modulabs) (2020.01)

AI Teaching Material Development Project (Jong Heon Kim, Teacher at AINSTUDY Community) (2020.01)

AI Curriculum (Ji Hun Park, Teacher at AINSTUDY Community) (2020.01)

For AI Education to Succeed in Korea (Hye In Song, Teacher at AINSTUDY Community) (2020.01)