Education Plan that Builds Children’s Dreams (Sang-hoon Oh, CEO of Luxrobo) (2018.12)

Future Class Innovation Lecture (Chan-Pil Jung, Secretary General for Future Class Network) (2018.11)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Improvements in Classes (Young Lee, Professor at Hanyang University) (2018.10)

Flipping Classes through Google (Jae Hyun Kim, Teacher at Suwon Jung-Ang Christian Middle School) (2018.09)

The Necessity for Change in Onsite Schools (Gi-sung Jo, President of Smart Education Society) (2018.08)

Adaptive Learning and Application Plan for Intelligence Information Technology (Yong-sang Cho, Executive Director of i-Scream Edu) (2018.07)

Innovation of Math Education through Combining ICT Education (Yong Jae Kim, Co-Chief Executive Officer of KnowRe) (2018.06)

Learning Analytics & Adaptive Learning (Duk-Hoon Kwak, Vice Chairman of i-Scream Media) (2018.05)

CLASSTING (Hyun-gu Cho, CEO) (2018.04)

Future Education in the Fourth Industrial Era (Jung Min Hong, Head of Hunet EduTech Lab) (2018.03)

Evaluation Revolution (Hye-Jung Lee, Director General of Institute for Education and Innovation) (2018.02)

Vision and Strategy for Future Education (Tae-wan Kim, President of Korean Institute for Future Education) (2018.01)

SW Educational Direction in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era (Youngsik Jeong, Professor at Jeonju National University of Education) (2017.06)

The Background and Current Situation of the Introduction of SW Education – Future Education for the Digital Generation (Hyun-chul Kim, Professor at Korea University) (2017.05)