Philosophy and Principles of Learning Community Schools (Dr. Woo Jung Son, Korean Learning Community Research Association) (2015.12)

Smart Learning Strategy (Se Yeoung Chun, Professor at Chungnam National University) (2015.11)

The Significance and Study on STEAM (Yoo Jung Kim, Leader of Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity) (2015.10)

Current Work Experience Activities and Future Work Experience Education for Career Education (Jin Pyo Cho, CEO of Wise Mentor) (2015.07)

Faculty Training for Deep Learning (Tae Wan Kim, Director of Korea Future Education Institute) (2015.06)

PBL Project-Based Learning through Genuine Fun (Dr. Jun Hwan Jung, Kyunghee University) (2015.04)

PBL Problem Based Learning(Jae Kyoung Lee, Professor at Sookmyung Women’s University) (2015.02)

Studying through Asking Questions: Havruta (Dong Il Yang, Secretary General of the Havruta Education Association) (2015.01)